Are you are finding yourself in a season of wanting to be mediocre? Don’t freak out! You are normal and we all experience times where we want to drift or coast for a while. But here is the truth: Mediocrity will kill you and your team. Whether it is life, leadership, business, or ministry, we have seasons where we must fight mediocrity. Nobody wakes up and says, “I have chosen to be mediocre!” It doesn’t work like that. Mediocrity becomes a reality through dozens of small internal complacent decisions that no one else sees. It is a wave that starts small, but will grow until it crashes on you and permeates your culture. You can not allow yourself or your organization to be complacent or you will sacrifice your potential at the altar of your “comfort”… what a shame that would be.

Leadership is not about doing what is easy or comfortable, but rather doing what is difficult and uncomfortable.
Let’s face it… Good is not good enough. If your leadership team is full of good people doing good things, it will start out O.K., but will eventually decline. Why? Because progression (the act of moving forward) is always evolving into something better. Good is continually being redefined by what is great and great is being redefined by the “unknown and the unproven”.
Successful leaders look into the future and are the first to arrive.
Mediocrity will never let you glance into the future and will keep you stuck in your past. Plain and simple… Mediocrity will kill your team! So…… Maybe you have allowed mediocrity in your team or maybe you have allowed mediocrity in your life…. either way, I want to give you some thoughts to help you fight “mediocrity”.
6 Thoughts to Help You Fight Mediocrity:
  1. Remember Jesus has never been mediocre with you. (1John 3:16) Jesus did not kind of go to the cross or kind of die for your sins, He paid it fully with His whole life!
  2. YOLO. You only live once and you have one chance in the season you are in to make an impact. Make it count! (especially single college-age students)
  3. Everything you do is worship to God. We should never give God our second best. (Colossians 3:23)
  4. People are always watching! Your spirit, faith, discipline, and character are being multiplied into others whether you like it or not! Let your actions, thoughts, expectations, motives inspire others to achieve the very best. ( and watch what you say on Facebook and twitter!!!)
  5. Time spent with Jesus will always remind you of your “what” and your “why”. His presence will always motivate, encourage, and remind you of what you are called to do and why you are called to do it. Don’t ever “serve” Jesus and not “know” Jesus. Spend more time with Jesus!
  6. A Sabbath day is a command and not a suggestion. Maybe you are wanting to be mediocre because you never take time to recharge. Even God rested on the 7th day. Maybe you should also! Don’t be afraid to go on a vacation and don’t feel guilty for recharging your spiritual and physical batteries.
Never let mediocrity creep into your life or into your team. Guard and honor what God has done in your life by responding with your best in the current season you are in! Fight mediocrity!

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