Communication is the main tool in which God uses disciples to penetrate darkness and win people to Jesus. The Bible says in Romans 10:17, “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” People can not hear what we don’t communicate and just because we can put words in a sentence, does not mean we are successfully communicating. And for the record, I understand that communication of the Gospel does not only happen behind the pulpit on Sunday morning, but in every facet of our lives. I also understand that everything and everyone communicates something and I pray that everything we communicate points people to Jesus. But for the sake of this blog, I want to focus on communication within our corporate worship gatherings. Specifically, someone who might be doing church announcements maybe for the first time.
As a pastor, I see too many people disregard verbal moments throughout a gathering thinking they are not as important as the “message”, but I completely disagree and I want to encourage every person that ever communicates publicly to sharpen their “communication” and be the best you can be at communicating your message to people whether it be announcements, closing a gathering, sharing a story, or preaching a message. Here are some practical tips to help you.

5 Communication Keys To Focus On:

  1. Have Confidence (posture, attitude, engagement). Simply put… Fake it til’ you make it! You will never be a great communicator until you start acting like one now. Don’t take yourself so seriously and don’t be afraid to mess up. People have grace for you when you have a confident humility.
  2. Be Clear (preparation) Have one main point. Memorize it. Make sure you have the correct dates. Work around that one point. People won’t remember more than that anyway.
  3. Learn to laugh (smile, laugh, have fun). Laughter is the remedy to a lot of life’s issues. Learn to laugh on the microphone. Laughter sets your audience at ease.
  4. Be Authentic ( be real and no your audience.) Authenticity is incredibly important to your long-term credibility as a communicator. People will learn to “tune you out.” if you are inauthentic.
  5. Always Speak the Vision of the House (local church). Always make sure that what you are saying is progressing the vision of the church and the message of Jesus forward.

I believe the church should have the best communicators in all of the world. Work at it. Have fun with it. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Ask for positive feedback from people around you that you trust and sharpen your communication! Check back next week for another blog on communication.


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