This is part two from my Blog Last week. We talked about 5 keys to focus on when communicating in a church gathering. Today, I want to give you 4 questions to help you better communicate in a gathering. These  questions are simple, practical, but surprisingly overlooked (especially with young communicators). Most of these we “know” but do not “do” on a regular basis.

4 Practical questions to help you communicate better:

  1. “What am I good at and what am I bad at?” Cater to your strengths, figure out your style and skill-set   and stop trying to be T.D. Jakes!
  2. “Have I prepared and practiced?” Yes… literally practice in the mirror. Record yourself on your iPhone and play it back, practice in your car. Get creative in your practice. Work hard at it!
  3. What is my main point? Never  have more than one point or you will be following rabbit trails! Rabbit trails= people not listening.
  4. What is my “go to” closing line? I always see communicators get stuck on a rabbit trail and they have to save themselves by speaking another 10 minutes!!!  That is Exhausting! Always Have a “go to” line that you can go to no matter how crazy things get.

3 things that will kill your communication: (BONUS)

  1. Bad sound mix. The sound will be muddled or the communicator will sound like they are in a can. This is extremely distracting.
  2. Speaker not properly lighted. The communicator should be separated from the rest of the audience visually.
  3. Poor dress. Make sure that you dress the part in whatever setting you are in.

I believe the church should have the best communicators in all of the world. Work at it. Have fun with it. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Ask for positive feedback from people around you and sharpen your ax!


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