At City Church, we want all people who are serving on our volunteer teams to have a week off once a month at the minimum. But as volunteers and leaders, we never stop creating culture whether we are officially serving or not. I believe you can actually create more culture on your “off week” than you can when you’re officially serving because everything you do on an “off week” is completely voluntary and it shows your true authenticity and genuine heart for Jesus and his Church. Your “off week” creates Culture more than you think! It speaks volumes to me when I see a volunteer that works in one of our worship teams choose on His week off to invite a family, sit with them, and plug them into the church. Because I know that worship team member normally never has that same opportunity on the weeks he is serving due to rehearsal and tear down. That takes strategy. That takes focus. That builds culture because He isn’t expected to do that.
Culture is most created when we exceed expectations, not when we meet them.
What an encouragement to our evangelism teams (reach teams) to know that our worship team members “Get it” and they aren’t so focused on performing. The message of what you do on an “off week” speaks louder than you think. Let everything we do change culture and point people people to Jesus. So… What should a volunteer focus on during an off week? Here are some suggestions.
5 Things to Focus On During Your Week Off of Ministry:
  1. Jesus. It is one thing to worship Jesus when you are on the schedule and it is another thing to worship Jesus off the schedule. Let your “off day” be a special time with God.
  2. Replenishment – be a regular attendee by not showing up extra early and not tearing down afterwards.
  3. Family, Friends, other Actions in the Church. Take the opportunity to do other actions in the church (invite a friend, take people out to lunch, spend time with your family** see note at bottom)
  4. Perspective. Get a fresh perspective of your ministry. Many times we are working so closely to our serving duties that we can miss some of the more practical and simple changes that need to take place. Observe from a distance and feel what a brand new guest would feel.
  5. Don’t feel Guilty. Don’t feel guilty for taking a week off! A better more refreshed you is a better more refreshed them!
**If you are married and have a family, then your off week should be focused on your family . Your family must know that ministry and the church is not more important than they are in  your eyes. But ministry should involve your family; not separate it.  Don’t use family as an excuse to do other things in ministry and don’t use ministry as an excuse to do other things with family.

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