1. There is a Jonah in all of us! God has come to us. God has called us. In some way or another we all have ran. And we stopped running and Got real.
2. We all have a Nineveh. Nineveh represent the thing God calls you to do that requires him to do it.
3. We all have had a tarshish. Tarshish is our destination of disobedience.
4. Recognition isn’t enough. Even though Jonah recognized that he needed God, things did turn in his favor until he fully surrendered to him in the belly of the whale.
5. Gods grace should always move us forward and never back. The grace of God is not to remind how bad we are, but to remind us how great He is in the midst of our bad.
6. If god can use Jonah to bring revival to Nineveh, imagine what he can do with you and I.

I can’t wait for our next series entitled “God with us”


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