20130305-140642.jpgI surprisingly love the movie “Real Steel”. It is a story of a father and son that end up training robots to box each other in heavy weight match-ups. All throughout the movie, the father always trained the robot to fight on his own, but at the end of the movie, the father (Hugh Jackman) had to actually fight the last round for the trained robot. It made me want to run around my house boxing the air! In youth leadership, sometimes we as leaders have to get in and fight a round or two. If we don’t watch it, we can be too distant with the students we are discipling and fail to see that sometimes we need to put the gloves on and actually show them how to win in a specific situation in life.

Here’s a few questions to think through:
What has to happen for you to fight for someone you are discipling?
How well do you need to know your students “fight” in this season of his/her life?
How well do you need to know your own self and the battles you are in?

In every “life situation”, we need to ask ourselves, “God, is this a fight I need to fight or is this a fight they need to fight on their own?” Both answers are important to the growth of the students you disciple. It takes wisdom and maturity to make the right decision. God help us be better leaders. Amen.


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