Luke 19:41 says, “And when he (Jesus) drew near and saw the city, he wept over it…”

At this point in Jesus’ ministry, he has been endowed into full-time ministry. He is dealing with his disciples, healing the sick, smoothing out conflict in relationships, and is soon aproaching his death on the cross (A death His disciples could not rationalize). And in the midst of all of this,  the moment he sees the landscape of Jerusalem (His City), he begins to weep. The word weep in the Greek means “more than shedding tears.” He was moved with compassion over his city not only because of what he saw, but also because of what he didn’t see. When was the last time the landscape of your city moved you with compassion to the point of tears? My God… We can never let ministry, calendars, our friends, strategy, preaching, expectations, stuff, conflict, trials keep us from having a vision for our city….. My question to you is what do you see in your city that burdens you? Also, what do you not see in your city that burdens you?Do you have vision for your city? I was going through some issues a few years ago in my ministry and I found myself complaining to a more seasoned and mature Pastor and he replied to me, “Glen… it sounds like you need to get yourself a bigger God and then come back and talk to me.” He was right! I needed a bigger God and a bigger burden for my City or I needed to go get another job. I let the trials and issues in my ministry rob me of my vision for the City and my burden for the Lost. I want to encourage every pastor, volunteer leader, and Christian to never lose sight of your vision for your City! Every car we are next to on our roads represents a soul. Every Facebook friend you have represents a person that God has incredible plans for. Every student in your local high school represents an individual that needs a collision with Jesus…….Don’t lose vision for your City!


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