Words can’t describe the feelings I felt seeing my son for the first time. Yes…. I just said, “My son!” Going through the travail of child-birth was exhausting, but extremely rewarding. Watching the girl I  fell in love with, (which is now the wife that I have committed my life to) give birth to my first son immediately brought tears to my eyes. I did not expect to find myself crying, but that was what happened. The first 3 minutes of my son’s life consisted of me simultaneously wiping tears from my eyes, taking a picture every 3 seconds, and giving fist pumps in the air as if I won the NBA Finals. I am cracking up right now even thinking about it. As I sat in that delivery room holding my son for the first time, I could not stop thinking of God’s love for us. We are not just His people, we are His children. Now that I have a few minutes to collect my thoughts, I wanted to give 4 thoughts from my perspective as a new father.

1. My wife is way stronger than me. 

I could never do what she did. Needless to say, I will never complain about taking out the trash again.

2. Human life is precious and invaluable.

Never take people for granted…. period.

3. I have always been preparing to be a father.

Up until this point, everything that I have disciplined and shaped into my life is what I have to offer my son (Good, bad, & Ugly).

4. “Dear God, not my will but your will be done in my son’s life.”

The greatest thing I can give my son, is the will of God for His life. He doesn’t need my will, he need’s God’s will. This means, as his father, I need to filled with and led by the Holy Spirit in order to lead my son accordingly.


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