Many people in our city have been beaten down verbally throughout their life. Whether it was a parent (or lack of Parent), teacher, boss, friend, or self. That is why we, as christians, must continually un-apologetically SPEAK LIFE to everyone we see. In other words, speaking life into people is one of the most important things we can do as christians. I want to become great at it. I want you to be great at it as well. So, I am writing this blog out of personal failures in encouraging people. I want to give you 4 ways I have failed at encouraging people. Failure #1: I have talked too much about myself. So many times I have said things like “I am so glad you think that way because that reminds me of when I succeeded in that.” My attempt to be “about them” has shifted to being “about me” as I was robbing them of their accomplishment by replacing it with mine. Don’t do that. Failure #2:  I have tried to critique and fix people too fast. I get so mad at myself when I am already thinking about a persons next step to take before they are even finished telling me the success they are currently having. At that moment of encouragement, they deserve unhindered applause and celebration. Failure #3: I have lost my posture of being engaged. I have found myself starting out wanting to encourage people and, halfway through the conversation, find myself wanting to get on the phone, check the time, or be somewhere else. DON’T DO THAT! Stay off your phone. Turn it off or throw it int the toilet if you have to!Keep a posture of engagement. Failure #4: I have forgotten the obvious Having great expectations for people has sometimes blinded my perspective to acknowledge the obvious in their life. In other words, “My vision for people, has tainted my ability to value people for who they are.” I want to be better at making people better! Maybe 10 years from now, I will blog about “4 ways I have succeeded at encouraging people.” What do you think? Would love to hear your feedback on ways to encourage people better.


2 thoughts on “4 Ways I have failed at encouraging people

  1. Wow! I don’t know of anyone on earth that could be a better at motivating others than you. I know first hand what changes you have done on people’s lives. How just one word from you can change their perspectives and how your guidance has shifted their path. We can all be better at focusing on others but we definetly have much to learn from you. Thank you once more for what you have done for our kids and for the dozens of kids that may not have a biological parent but they have you

  2. I can totally relate to this PG. I tend to be a person that sees all the negative in someone, so what I do is put emphasis on what they are good at or a good quality they have and encourage them in it.

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