I have seen great people fail to reach their full potential and impact because they never learned how to be team players. As a result, that person has a difficult time being hired and promoted. Jethro taught Moses a key leadership principle: “We will go further faster when we are together.” You must recognize, as a leader, that your ability to get along with and lead a team of people will define your potential to make an impact in your ministry, organization, or family. In other words, if you can’t work on a team, then you will always leadership problems. It wasn’t Moses’ lack of character or charisma that kept him back from doing what God called him to do, it was his ability to lead a team. If you are serious about your leadership, then you must get serious about “team Leadership”. As you read this, you are probably thinking to yourself, “I am a great team player!”. That might be true, but many times, our self-perception is misguiding and has the potential to stunt our growth. I want to give you five words that will help you in your team leadership.

1. Consecration 

Consecration means  “The solemn dedication to a special purpose or service, usually religious; to associate with the sacred”. If your leadership is not consecrated to the moving of Christ and the Holy Spirit, then you will have problems. It is important to run everything you do through the filter of prayer, the word of God, and wisdom from spiritual mentors in your life.

2. Collaboration

This lays at the heart of team leadership. As a leader, you must create an atmosphere where people on your team feel open to share their thoughts and ideas without judgement or argument. This is difficult to do-especially when you feel you already have the best answer. But, you must include people in decisions even if it takes more time to do so. It is always worth it to make sure your people are with you.

3. Innovation

Team leadership that does not have a strong desire to innovate will be boring, unproductive, and lifeless. The reason why you have a team is so you can go where you can not go on your own. This is the very core concept of innovation. You, as a leader, must create a place where people can think outside the box and be rewarded for doing so.

4. Execution

If your team only collaborates and innovates without proper execution, then you will never accomplish anything. The lack of execution will subliminally send a message to your team that says, “Your innovation is not important.” This will be detrimental to your teams health and vitality.

5. Strategy

Without a strategy, you will never be able to reproduce your values , culture, and processes into other people. A proper understanding of strategy helps everyone see the “big picture” and will also help them gain a better appreciation for what others do on the team. Without strategy, Unity is difficult to achieve.



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