There is only one verse in the bible that talks about the growth of Jesus. Every other verse either explains his birth or his ministry. This verse is a great reference point on how believers should set biblical goals and live a balanced healthy life. Luke 2:52 says, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

From this scripture, you can develop some basic fundamental questions to help you create Biblical goals for your personal life, your family, or your organization. I suggest you start by using these questions to create a 3 month, 1 year, and 5 year goal.

5 Goal-Setting Questions:

1. What are my EDUCATIONAL goals for growth? “grew in wisdom
2. What are my PHYSICAL goals for growth? “grew in stature”
3. What are my SPIRITUAL goals for growth? “favor with God
4. What are my RELATIONAL goals for growth? “favor with man”
5. What are my FINANCIAL goals for growth? (I personally like to add this 5th question)

Here are some practical suggestions for each question:
Educational suggestions: Read a book a month. Do not watch TV until you have read for 20 minutes. Enroll in college. Find training in your field of expertise. Intentionally hang out with someone smarter than you.

Physical suggestions: Pick a “Goal” weight to achieve. Get a gym membership. Start playing a sport. No fried food. Limit your cokes or coffee per day. Start a health fast. Regularly walk around your block.

Spiritual suggestions: Start attending church. Start a bible reading plan. Clearly have a defined Sabbath day. Pray with your spouse at night. Fast something. Calendar a daily time to meet with God. Sacrificially give offerings to your local church and community non profits. Serve your neighbor.

Relational suggestion: Couples should clearly schedule a date night. Parents have a conversation about calendaring quality times with kids. Look people in the eye when talking. Ask more question about those around you. Affirm everything you can about people. Write random thank you cards to family or co-workers.

Financial suggestions: Enroll in a financial peace university class ( Eat at home more. Regularly talk with someone who is financially stronger than you are. Start using as a personal budgeting tool. Lay out a one year goal and then a 5 year goal. Start putting something into retirement.

How do you set goals for yourself, your family, or your organization? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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