Every person that serves in our youth ministry is called a team member. Team members have the unique role to be used by God to bless and build His Church. We have a saying that “people have not met wide open until they have met one of our team members.” Team members are the face and personality of our ministry and display, through servant leadership, God’s love and generosity towards his people. Here are 5 P’s to help every team member be incredible!

1. Prayer

Prayer is our communion (connection) to God and our warfare against satan. Prayer changes things, but most importantly, prayer changes us! Prayer keeps us focused on the “why” of ministry and allows us to lead supernaturally. That is why our team members are asked to have daily times of prayer and are asked to participate in our corporate pre service prayer meeting. Our pre service time of prayer is crucial to God aligning our team’s heart’s to God’s heart. Prayer sets the spiritual temperature for the gathering. We have a saying at wide open.. “We fight with prayer and win with love.”

2. Posture

Many times in life, posture speaks louder than words. In other words, a person’s body language speaks louder than the actual words he or she says. That is why we require our team members to approach people the right way with a posture that helps students far from God move forward in Christ. As a result, we ask our team members to greet everyone with a smile, use proper eye contact, maintain fresh breath, and give encouragement to everyone they come in contact with.

3. Position

Every week, team members are given a specific position and unique role in serving the students and young adults that attend wide open. Because we have a large volume of people in attendance, it is crucial for our team members to take their position seriously and execute it properly with a great attitude. When one person is out-of-place, the whole team suffers. This is why we ask our team members to arrive on time and to make sure they do not get side tracked in conversation to the task given to them during that service.

4. Process

We have a mission to see students far from God move forward in Christ. Every team member must know our process of accomplishing that mission. Without a clear process, we won’t be able to stay unified in our approach of making disciples. That is why we teach our team members about our next steps booth and our goal for every student to get in a small group, attend a weekly worship service, and join our servant leadership team. During this process, we pray that students will surrender to Christ, make a public decision of baptism, and start growing in their devotion to God through bible reading, tithing, and doing Christ’s mission in our world- to name a few.

5. People

Every person matters to God, and because of that, every person matters to us. People are the reason our ministry exists. People are always more important than processes, positions, or programs. This is why we encourage our team members to remember names, take the time to hear a student’s story, meet them where they are, and don’t ever see someone as a project.

Hope This Helps!


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