Galatians 6:9 says, Let us not become weary [exhausted, spiritless] in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Do you feel exhausted? Do you feel like you are carrying a huge weight on your back? Are you smiling on the outside, but frowning on the inside? Have you been losing you joy? Your peace? Your purpose? Are you doubting God? Are you wanting to give up on ministry? If so, God has burdened me to tell you “Do not give up!” This is our final segment of our three part blog. We are focusing on three specific areas that God is wanting you to not give up in. Those three areas are: 1) Don’t give up on the WORK that God is doing IN YOU. 2) Don’t give up on the WORD that God has spoken OVER YOU. 3) Don’t give up on the PEOPLE that God is CALLING you to. Whether you are a student, pastor, parent, or small group leader, I believe this blog will help you.

Don’t Give up on the PEOPLE that God is CALLING you to.

I know that God is continually laying people on our heart to pray for and help lead to salvation in Christ. I felt in my spirit that  some of you reading this blog  have done everything you know to do to see certain people (friends, family, parents, teacher, school) come to faith in Christ and get connected to His church. I wanted to say to you, “don’t give up!”

I grew up in grade school with the coolest guy on the planet. His name was Charley. He was about four years older than me. He went out with the best looking girls. Everyone thought he looked like a super model. He was the star of the high school football team. Needless to say, Charley was the man. I remember waking up one morning sensing that God was asking me to pray that Charley would come to know Christ. I thought to my self, “Yea right! Charley? God, he is too cool. There is no way Charley would follow you.” To make the task even more daunting was the fact that Charley was a senior in High School and I was in eighth grade. I remember asking myself, “How could an eighth grader like me (with pimples and braces) ever lead a guy like Charley to Christ?” Despite my uncertainty, I obediently continued to pray for Charley.

Two years later, I ran into an old friend at the mall (I was now in 10th grade). We chatted about life for a few minutes and then I asked him about Charley. He said, “You didn’t hear?” I honestly thought to myself, “Charley must have overdosed and died.” He said, “Charley is now a Christian. He gave his life to Christ last summer!” What? I couldn’t believe it. Charley came to Christ!

Here is my question to you. Who is your Charley? Who is the person that God is calling you to not give up on? Here is my word of advice. Don’t give up on that person.  Don’t give up on your Charley. Every prayer you pray is a seed into the future. We can’t control when that seed grows, but we can control how often we sow that seed of prayer. Your prayers and your actions make a difference in eternity. Keep sowing seed. Don’t give up on it! Keep doing what is right because, in due time, that seed of salvation will become a harvest. I believe that your Charley will come to Christ!


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