One of the most important things a leader can do is clarify the win for himself and his team. In his book, “One Minute Manager“, the author, Ken Blanchard, illustrates a story of a man bowling a strike at a bowling alley. Once the man struck all the pens down, he broke out in a hula dance in the middle of everyone! The author asked himself, “Why did this introverted person break out in a hula dance in front of countless strangers in the middle of this bowling alley?” And the reason is because he got a strike! It was clear in that moment what the “win” was and he won! Here is a truth that every leader needs to be reminded of when it comes to the people who serve on their team. Every body wants to win! But, how can they win if you don’t define it?

Some teams never experience a victory dance because they never know whether they are winning or not. This isn’t healthy and doesn’t inspire a culture of growth. Leadership and management looks a lot like setting up pins in a bowling lane. Every time you set up the pin, you are clarifying the win for yourself and your team.  If you are the leader of an organization, church, ministry department, family, then you need to take on the responsibility of clarifying the win. Let me say it again. If you aspire to be a leader or manager then you must take on the responsibility of clarifying the win for your self and your organization. Set up the pins so that the people on your team know what they are aiming towards and make sure that your win is measurable and achievable. As you clarify your win, your team will be more energized, more focused, and more productive.

Here are 3 questions you need to ask yourself concerning your win:

1. What is your win?

2. Is your win measurable and achievable?

3. Could the members on your team tell someone the win?


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