Are you married? Are you engaged? Let me ask you a few questions. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your marriage relationship? What would your spouse say? Are you guys on fire for each other? If so, that’s awesome! This blog isn’t for you.

This blog is for the couple that feels exhausted, cold, and alone. Maybe life through you a curve ball. For example, you had a baby, lost a job, have a medical condition, or feel yourselves going in two different directions. You never envisioned you would be where you are, but the truth is you are. This leads to constant tension, unclear communication, and lots and lots of fights. The question becomes, “What do I do?

Here is my challenge to you: Don’t Fight IN Your Marriage. Fight FOR Your Marriage.”

In my next blog, I will share 4 reasons why this is so important, but today, I want you to think through what the above statement means to you and how you can apply it to your life. So Let me ask you, “How would your marriage be different if you stopped Fighting IN it and started fighting FOR it?

How do you practically do this? It’s simple! Next time you feel your self fighting IN your marriage. Stop, Cool down, and ask yourself, “How can I take this moment and Fight FOR my marriage instead of IN my marriage?”

I suggest you read this blog (I made it short on purpose) with your spouse and make a decision together to put this challenge into practice. What do you have to lose? If your spouse wont do it, then do it anyway! Show him or her through your actions that you are fighting FOR your marriage and not just IN it. This one thought will lead to many other healthy conversations that can relieve tension, get you communicating again, and reduce your fights.


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