2016 is quickly fading and 2017 is on the horizon. Before you freak out and buy a puppy, let me ask you a question. What goals are you wanting to accomplish in 2017? If you are looking for a game plan on how to set healthy biblical goals for your life, you can  check out a previous blog of mine.

As you think about 2017, I want to give you two words to help you think differently about your future. I want you to “Think Double”. Let me ask you, “What does your world look like if it was doubled? In other words, take a snap shot of your life and simply double it. I am not talking necessarily about material things. I am talking about the things that matter more than materials or possessions. Below are my top 3 questions to help you “Think Double” in what matters most. I have also included some take away questions to help apply this to your life.

1. What would your INFLUENCE look like if it was doubled? In other words, take a snap shot of your current influence in 2016 and double it. If you had twice as much influence, what would change? Are there some relationship that would start/ stop?  Would your calendar change? Eating patterns change? Social media posts change? Does your dress change? Do your sleeping patterns change? The questions could go on and on…

2. What would your GENEROSITY look like if it was doubled? In other words, take a snap shot of your generosity in 2016 and double it. What does doubling your generosity look like in your marriage? In your family? In your local church? In your work place? with your friends?

3. What would your RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD look like if it was doubled? Obviously, God’s part doesn’t change, but your part does! What would it look like if your pursuit for Jesus doubled this year?What things in 2016 hindered or helped your pursuit of Jesus? What actions or habits will you need on your calendar in 2017 to make that happen? Don’t get legalistic with it, but rather make it a heart-felt move to be closer to God. 

I pray that your 2017 is doubled with the things that matter most in your life. If this blog has helped you, please share it with a friend. 


One thought on “Two Words To Help You Think Through Your New Year

  1. Great post Glen! Very refreshing idea about setting goals for the new year. Love the ideas of doubling our influence, generosity, and relationship with God. Put things in a new perspective and challeneges you to think of some creative goals. Thank you for this!

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