Starting off in ministry or leadership can be a difficult transition, magnified if those entering into either have not been given the proper tools as guidance. Many things come by trial and error and delicate situations can make or break a ministry if not handled correctly. In the church itself, there is very little teaching about church discipline and managing conflict. This is because of two primary reasons:

  1. Leaders are afraid to challenge their people with too high a commitment level,
  2. A distaste for the rigid structured church in which authoritarianism has been abused.

The problem is that both of these concepts are two extremes of biblical truth. The seeker sensitive mindset–that of fear–will leave our people immature, lacking a healthy biblical view of discipline. On the other hand, the rigid structured church will lack the compassion and heart of God which will result in discipline coming across hierarchal.

If our mission and mandate is to make disciples of Jesus, then we must understand how Jesus disciplines. I am convinced that our people are always caught off guard with church discipline and conflict because they are typically only taught about it after an incident has occurred and not before. Not only do I want our people to be informed, but I want our people to be informed at an early age.

In an upcoming blog series, I want to present a crash course on church discipline that will empower youth volunteers to understand the importance of commitment, spiritual authority, unity, conflict, and church discipline. On the first Monday of every month, I will be posting a different part to the series that will be accompanied by small group questions because people will always learn better when they talk things over.

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